Ysgol Gynradd Bro Sion Cwilt


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In Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt we strive to be environmentally friendly. The program encourages pupils to engage with issues of sustainable development and global citizenship. Pupils play a key role in decision-making and participation in order to reduce the environmental impact of the school. One element of the Eco-Schools Program is to establish an Eco-Committee, which is the driving force that moves the project forward. The Eco Council is responsible for deciding what should be done - in order to improve the school grounds, energy conservation, waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


Chairperson: Osian Dafis

Secretary: Eden Henley

Representatives from other Years:

Year 5 - Jack Lally and Elan Jones

Year 4 - Erin Hallows and Noa Harries

Year 3 - Osian Thomas and Medi Jenkins

Year 2 - Peter Cooper and Caitlin Bromley

Year 1 - Claire Lloyd and Elfie Henley

Reception - Logan Rees and Malen Davies